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Winter Pests You Didn’t Know You Need to Look For

For those who really don’t like bugs and pests, the winter can be a nice reprieve. For many species, their numbers drop significantly in the colder months and/or they go into hibernation. However, just because they are out of sight, doesn’t mean they are completely gone. In fact, there may be some winter pests that you aren’t aware of that you need to be on the lookout for. 


Typically, ants can’t survive once temperatures drop below 15℉. In states, like North Carolina, temperatures rarely get that low, so while ants might not be as active, they are still around. In fact, winged carpenter ants have the foresight to build nests before winter, so they may be lurking around your warm home. 


When the weather turns cold, you may find that more beetles, such as stink bugs, are finding their way into your home. They aren’t resistant to the cold, so they will be looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Your house makes the perfect target. Be sure to close off any entry points including cracks, gaps around pipes, and missing weather stripping since beetles can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces. 

Deer Ticks

While regular ticks go dormant during the winter, deer ticks will remain active. Most commonly, they enter the home by latching on to pets. To test your yard for deer ticks, tie a cloth to a stick and drag it through your yard. If the cloth ends up covered in ticks, you will want to call a pest control expert. 

German Cockroaches

You have probably heard that cockroaches are some of the most resilient creatures on earth. This is totally true, which means that winter isn’t much of a challenge for them. They can sneak into your home through small cracks or smuggle themselves in on packages. Your best bet is to stay on top of removing clutter and food waste that can attract these pests.

If your holiday season isn’t quite as festive because you are dealing with insects and infestations, call the professionals at Capital Pest. We can help keep your home comfortable and pest-free.

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