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What is a Silverfish and How to Get Rid of Them

Silverfish are thought to be one of the oldest types of insects on earth, but you may not be too familiar with them. These insects are known for their gray or silver coloring and wingless bodies that shed skin. While they don’t bite or are known to carry any diseases, they certainly aren’t something you want roaming around the dark corner of your cupboards. Learn more about how to identify a silverfish and the best ways to get rid of them.

Silverfish mostly come out at night and will look for anything from wallpaper and insulation to cereal and clothing to snack on. They grow to about ¾ of an inch and have antennas along with three long tail protrusions. Since they enjoy dark and damp conditions, you will typically see them when you open a drawer or reach for something under the sink.

Preventing Silverfish

As with most insects, the best way to prevent silverfish is to keep your home clean and dry so that you are eliminating any sources of food and water that will attract insects. In addition, be sure to regularly clean hard to reach spaces like under the fridge and behind boxes and containers. Finally, take the time to inspect your windows and doors for any gaps and be sure to close them off.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

If you want a natural way to get rid of silverfish, there are a few safe and easy options. Silverfish are repelled by the oils in cedar and dry bay leaves. You can place these items around your home or combine some of the essential oils with water and spray around your home. 

You can also create a trap by rolling up a newspaper, wetting it a little, and placing it in an area where you have noticed silverfish. This will attract silverfish and they will set up home there. After a few days, simply dispose of the newspaper. 

Another option is to visit your local hardware store and purchase some borax, which will kill the silverfish. You can spread the borax in a thin layer in the back of cabinets and other places where they seem to be congregating. 

If you don’t want to deal with exterminating silverfish yourself, call the experts at Capital Pest. Our technicians can quickly provide you with a lasting solution to your silverfish problem.


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