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Tips for Repelling Mosquitos in Your Yard This Summer

Nothing can ruin a summer day spent outdoors quite like a swarm of mosquitoes. These pests not only leave behind itchy bites, they can also spread diseases to both pets and humans. If you want to avoid these pests this summer and be able to comfortably enjoy your landscape, be sure to follow these tips. 

1. Plant Mosquito-Repelling Flowers

There are plenty of beautiful plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. You can enhance your landscape while also fighting off pests when you add these varieties to your yard:

  • Lavender
  • Marigolds
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Citronella grass

2. Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes need water to survive and to lay their eggs and reproduce. Even a couple of tablespoons of standing water is enough to attract them. You can repel mosquitoes and limit their numbers by simply removing standing water around the yard. Look for any pots that may have collected water, pet bowls that have been left out, and any low areas that tend to accumulate rainwater.

3. Build a Bat House

Bats are a natural predator of mosquitoes. In fact, a bat can eat up to 8,000 insects per night. Building a simple bat box and installing it in your yard is a simple way to attract bats and combat the mosquito population.

4. Clean Your gutters

Clogged gutters are another common place where moisture can accumulate and provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Cleaning your gutters will both protect your home from water damage and repel mosquitoes.

5. Use Other Repellent Products

There are plenty of safe and effective products on the market that will help you repel mosquitoes. From sprays that you can apply to your body and clothes to citronella candles, these products can help you prevent bites.

6. Call the Experts

A pest control expert can help you eliminate breeding areas and spray your yard with highly effective products that will reduce the mosquito population. Keep in mind that it is impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes, so you may want to sign up for regular appointments throughout the warmer months.

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you indoors this summer. Contact the professionals at Capital Pest Services. We can help you reclaim your landscape from pesky mosquitoes. 


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