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The Fruit Flies of Fall and How to Make Them Flee

Have you noticed more fruit flies around your home this fall? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence and these little bugs can be a real pest. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to get rid of fruit flies once and for all. 

  1. Clean all your surfaces and get rid of overripe produce. Fruit flies are attracted to anything that is high in fructose, including fruits and vegetables. Females will lay up to 500 eggs at a time on the surface of these foods, so this is a problem you will want to address immediately. Making sure that your kitchen is clean and wiping down your surfaces will go a long way to preventing fruit flies.

  2. Create a trap with apple cider vinegar. Pour some vinegar into a glass or bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, then use a toothpick to poke some holes in the top. The fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar and they won’t be able to escape once they have flown into the trap. To take things to the next level, add a little dish soap to the vinegar, which changes the consistency of the liquid and immediately traps the flies on the surface.

  3. Share a beer or glass of wine with your fruit flies. Leave a little beer or wine at the bottom of the bottle. The flies will be attracted to the sugar in the beverages and won’t be able to escape back out through the narrowing neck of the bottle. 

There are also some chemical products that you can purchase at the average hardware store, but these simple solutions should be able to take care of any infestation. For more help with all your pest control needs, be sure to contact the professionals at Capital Pest Services

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