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Rodents and the Health Risk They Pose

Rodents can be more than a nuisance or an inconvenience. They can, directly and indirectly, spread dozens of different diseases. That is why it is important to understand how these pests operate and what to do if you have an infestation.

Why are Rodents Attracted to My Home?

Like any other animal or pest, rodents are trying to survive and that means finding access to food, water, and shelter. Your home provides rodents with easy access to the essentials that they need. This is especially true in the winter months when temperatures drop and food becomes more scarce.

How Do Rodents Spread Disease?

While a small mouse might not seem like much of a threat, these pests can wreak havoc in your home. In some cases, the only sign that you have a rodent problem will be their droppings, which can easily contaminate your own food sources and cause illness. Rodents can also spread disease through bites and scratches. They are responsible for transmitting everything from the plague to Hantavirus.

Rodents can also carry fleas, ticks, and mites. These insects can then spread diseases to humans and pets. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the West Nile Virus can all be contracted from insects carried by pests. Some of these dangerous diseases can be spread from human to human, so once one person is infected, things can escalate quickly and result in pandemic conditions.

Rodents tend to keep a low profile and stay hidden, which means that once you start seeing signs that they are around, there is a good chance that you have a full infestation. You will want to act quickly to protect yourself and your family. While there are plenty of DIY rodent removal options, your best bet for a complete and lasting solution is to work with a pest control expert. A highly trained technician will be able to locate the infestation, eradicate the pests, and help implement strategies to make sure that rodents stay outdoors in the future.

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