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Bed Bugs

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home

Prevent Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, there has been a surge in bed bug infestations from travelers who have brought these pests home on their clothes and luggage. While hotels and other public places are taking extra precautions to prevent bed bugs, there are steps you can take to be proactive about protecting yourself and your home. Follow these tips to prevent bed bugs from entering your home.

Protect Your Belongings

One simple and effective way to protect your belongings is with plastic. Be sure to pack a large trash bag that can fit your suitcase. Smaller items and clothes can be individually stored in plastic bags. If you plan on using the hotel dresser during your stay, plastic bags and protection will be especially important.

Inspect Your Room

It is easy to visually detect bed bugs, so take a few moments to look over your room before you settle in. Here are some common locations and signs of bed bugs:

  • As their name implies, bed bugs are most commonly found in the bed or mattress. They like to hang out in seams and crevices, especially those along the edge of the mattress. Remove the bedding and use a flashlight to look for blackish-red spots, which indicate bed bug excrement. You may also notice translucent shells, which are actually bed bugs in nymph form. While you may not see adult bed bugs, these are clear signs that bed bugs are present.
  • Bed bugs also like pillows, so don’t forget to remove the pillowcases and inspect the seams.
  • While bed bugs prefer the mattress, you may also find them in dressers, along the headboard, on nightstands, and along the seams of any upholstered furniture, so don’t neglect to inspect these areas.
  • Finally, take a close look at the luggage rack. The last guest to stay in your room may have brought in bugs on their luggage.

Be Cautious as You Travel

Even if you don’t find bed bugs, you should still be cautious about protecting your possessions. Don’t leave your clothes out, use the luggage rack to store your suitcase and place the rack a safe distance from the bed. Before you head home, inspect your clothing and other items to make sure you don’t have any bed bug stowaways.

When You Get Home

Bed bugs are sensitive to hot temperatures and will die in environments that reach temperatures of over 120 degrees. By simply placing your clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes when you get home, you can be sure that you have eliminated any bed bugs that may have found their way home with you.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

If you need help managing a bed bug infestation or you want more information about how to prevent bed bugs from entering your home, call the experts at Capital Pest.

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