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Pest Problems

Pest Control – 3 Things you Might be Trying that WON’T Work

If you have been searching the internet for DIY solutions to your home pest problems, you have probably come across a whole range of suggestions. There are plenty of techniques and home remedies out there that might work, but the real solution may be changing your entire approach to pest control. Here are some common approaches to pest control that could be working against you.

Ignorance is Bliss

Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of only addressing the problems they can see. The assumption is that if there is an infestation, you will be able to see and notice it and take action. What we tend to forget is that pests are wired to hide their existence and scavenge your home for resources without your noticing. It is a part of their survival instinct. 

The truth is that there may be pests in your walls, the wood frame of your home, and under floorboards. For example, termites are known for eating away at wood and can cause major structural damage. By the time you notice a termite, there is a good chance that an infestation has been attacking your home for some time.

Using a Pet for Pest Control

Sure, your dog or cat may bring up the occasional rodent from the basement, but that doesn’t equal pest control. Pets aren’t going to aggressively seek out pests. For them, it is more of a fun game of chase that they play when they feel like it. They certainly aren’t consistent exterminators that are searching small, hidden spots. In addition, one mouse is a sign of more, so don’t assume eliminating one rodent has done the job.

Focusing too Much on a Clean Kitchen

Yes, a clean kitchen will help keep ants, cockroaches, and other pests away. However, you also need to think about other areas of the home. Take the time to eliminate any entrance points, fix any leaks that could cause moisture to accumulate, and clean behind and under furniture and appliances. A clean kitchen is a good start, but it isn’t everything.

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