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New Year, New Pest Control Program and How to Implement

As we all know, most people set and then quickly break new year’s resolutions. Instead of setting lofty goals, why not tackle something manageable that will protect your home throughout the entire year? Winter is the perfect time to put together your pest control program and set your home up for success. Learn more tips and best practices for implementing your new plan. 

Integrated Pest Management

When you work with a pest control expert to establish a plan for the year, you can rely more heavily on integrated pest control management techniques. This approach seeks to provide a more environmentally-friendly approach that utilizes known information about pest life cycles and behaviors to more proactively manage pests. You can avoid infestations rather than treating them.


Any pest control program begins with a full inspection. It is in your best interest to work with a professional in the late winter or early spring to prepare for the rest of the year. During this period, pests will still be relatively dormant and you can implement a preventative strategy to carry you throughout the year. Information gleaned during the inspection can provide you with immediately actionable tasks such as removing debris, getting rid of standing water, and sealing cracks and gaps around the home.

Pest Identification

Understanding which pests are common to your area and your home can go a long way to implementing an effective strategy. Different pests behave differently and with the correct identification, you can make sure that your pest control plan is eliminating bad pests while encouraging other important aspects of your local ecosystem. 


Best on the inspection and pest identification, your pest control specialist will be able to prescribe the right mode of treatment. This may include a combination of trapping, baiting, non-chemical interventions, and pesticides. 


At the core of any effective pest control program is continuous monitoring. Your pest control expert should be able to make exact recommendations concerning return visits based on your individual challenges. These visits will ensure that the pest control plan is working and allow them to take any additional precautions as necessary. 

Pest control is one small thing that you can do for yourself and your home during the new year. Call Capital Pest today to schedule a consultation so that you can spend the next year completely pest free. 

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