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Pest Problems

Is Pest Control Safe for Humans?

Pests can spread disease and contaminate food, but are pest control methods all that much safer? In some cases, powerful pesticides are used to eliminate pests, so you may be hesitant to spread these around your home and yard. While there is an inherent risk to some pest control methods, professionals are able to mitigate these risks and offer the option of other safe treatments.

For larger pests like bats, snakes, and rodents, trapping provides a safe and humane option. In fact, many of these animals are protected by law, which limits the ways in which they can be treated. However, this is definitely not a DIY situation. When dealing with animals, you always want an experienced professional so that both you and the animal are protected.

With other pests, these are often safe natural treatments that can be used to repel and eliminate common pests. For example, ants can be eliminated by laying out a bait that contains sugar and baking soda. The sugar will attract the ants, but when they ingest the baking soda, it will expand in their stomachs and eventually kill them. In addition, a mixture of onions and garlic can be spread around the yard to help discourage snakes from entering your yard looking for food and water.

Always Follow Instructions

In cases where pesticides are necessary, you need to be careful about reading the label. Manufacturers are required to print information about dangerous and toxic chemicals. If you have pets and/or children, take special care to understand the potential dangers of any chemicals you might use.

Hands down the safest approach to pest control is to hire a professional. An expert will be able to accurately identify the offending pest and prescribe a treatment method. From there, they will be able to safely implement any treatment. If chemicals are necessary, they can apply them according to the manufacturer’s specifications and make you aware of any danger. 

Ultimately, when executed properly, pest control services are safe for humans. However, it is important that all safety standards are followed closely. That is why home and business owners typically leave pest control up to the professionals. For more information about how to safely practice pest control or to schedule a consultation, contact Capital Pest Services today. 

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