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How to Repel Cockroaches from Coming in My Home

Cockroaches are notoriously hard resilient and difficult to kill, which is why you may want to take steps to prevent an infestation. These pests dine anything from leftover food to their own species and they leave behind contamination and disease. To avoid these problems and repel cockroaches from entering your home in the first place, try these different methods.

Baking Soda and Sugar Combination

The sugar will attract the cockroaches and then the baking soda will cause damage to their digestive system and eventually kill them. You can safely place this mixture around the exterior of your home or on top of lids and small plates in dark spaces like the backs of cabinets. Boric acid produces the same results but isn’t safe around kids or pets, so the baking soda and sugar mixture provides a natural alternative.

Fabric Softener

Cockroaches may predate dinosaurs, but they are no match for fabric softener. For whatever reason, they dislike the strong scent, which makes for a quick and easy repellent solution. Simply mix water and fabric softener in a spray bottle and apply the mixture around the house and anywhere you may have already spotted cockroaches.

Tea Tree Oil

This is another scent that most humans find pleasant but that cockroaches cannot tolerate. You can add ¼ of tea tree oil, ¼ cup of vinegar, and 2 cups of water to a spray bottle and apply the liquid to areas in and around your home 


Simply cut up some lemons into wedges and place them in containers around the house. Cockroaches will stay away from the smell and your rooms will have a fresh scent.


You may have not heard of neem before, but it is a natural herb that grows on a tree. Neem actually disrupts the hormones that promote breeding. This prevents cockroaches from breeding. It can even kill young cockroaches to help fight infestations.

Another way to prevent cockroaches is to get rid of anything that might attract them in the first place. This means regularly taking out the garbage, cleaning dirty dishes, and sweeping up crumbs. If none of these methods seem to be providing the results you want or you already have a full-blown infestation, it is time to call the professionals at Capital Pest Services. Our experts can use the latest chemicals and techniques to reclaim your home from cockroaches. 

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