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Do I Have Flying Ants or Flying Termites In My Property?

Termites and Ants

Are you noticing winged insects flying around your home or business? You may be dealing with a flying ant or flying termite infestation. How do you know which type of pest is invading your property? It is very difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference, which is why Capital Pest Services is here for you. With more than 30 years of experience in exterminating flying ants and termites in Raleigh, NC, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Eliminating Flying Ants in Raleigh

Flying ants, also known as swarmers, alates or reproductives, are characterized by elbowed antennae, small hind wings, dark-colored bodies and thin waists. Females are larger than their male counterparts, and both sexes are typically found swarming following a day of heavy rain. If flying ants are found in your home, it is possible that an ant colony has already been formed. Flying ants are more likely to be seen out in the open than termites. While flying ants don’t tunnel through wood, they will nest in it, and leave behind frass (wood dust, insect parts and soil) beneath the openings in their nest.

Getting Rid of Termite Swarmers in Your Home

Winged termites are different from flying ants in that they feature broad waists, straight antennae, and front and hind wings that are the same size. Swarm season can be anytime between February and May, depending on the climate and temperature. If termite swarmers are found in your home, it means that they are coming in from a colony in the immediate area, or they have traveled from a nearby colony, usually within one or two residential acres.

Reach Out to Our Raleigh Flying Insect Professionals

If you suspect flying ants or termites are invading your Raleigh, NC home or business, reach out to the exterminators at Capital Pest Services as soon as possible. It is important to get rid of these pests before they do severe damage to your property. Contact us today at (919) 847-8110 to schedule an appointment.

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