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Benson, Dunn, and Lillington Pest Control Services

Capital Pest Services helps residents and business owners throughout the Fayetteville area enjoy the best in quality pest control services. Our professionals travel to Benson, Dunn, Lillington, and beyond to help our customers maintain a pest-free environment.

Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual & Annual Pest Management Programs

Our entire team of pest experts is dedicated to providing effective pest control treatments and excellent customer service. Here are just some of the reasons that customers through Benson, Dunn, and Lillington make us their first call for pest control services:

  • Treatments are always completed on time and on budget
  • We use the most effective EPA-registered pest control products
  • Our experts work with both residential and commercial clients
  • We offer different treatment programs to help fit your needs
  • All of our pros are registered and certified for expert service
  • Same-day service is available

Our Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services

With our full range of extermination and pest control services, you’ll never have to call another company. All you have to do is dial (910) 992-0477 to schedule an appointment and rid your home or office of annoying and potentially harmful pests. Our services include:

  • Flea & tick control
    It is all too common for fleas and ticks to attach themselves to pets and find their way into your home. Unfortunately, these biting insects can spread a variety of diseases and illnesses. The good news is that we can help eliminate them from your home and yard.

  • Termite control
    Termites can cause structural damage to your home and in many cases, you won’t notice until it is too late. That is why it is important to regularly have your home inspected and treated for termites.

  • Fire ant control & pre-treating
    Not only do fire ants deliver a painful bite that will continue to be irritated for days, but their giant nests can also ruin your lawn. This is one pest that is truly unwelcome and should be dealt with promptly.

  • Ant management programs
    Once you notice one ant, there is a good chance that more are on the way. These pests leave a trail of pheromones that alert the rest of the colony to the presence of food and water. In no time at all, you could be battling an infestation. Let us help you manage your ant problem.

  • Mosquito management
    Mosquitoes are notorious for ruining a perfectly nice day spent outdoors. They are also the deadliest animal on the planet and transmit a whole host of diseases. With your mosquito management services, you can keep them at bay and enjoy the outdoors.

  • And more!

Call Capital Pest Services Today!

For customers throughout Benson, Dunn, Lillington, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas, we offer a 20% military discount when you sign up for our annual pest control program and pay the full amount upfront. Call Capital Pest Services today to learn more about discounts and services and to schedule an appointment. 

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