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Bees, Wasps and Why You Need a Pest Control Plan

Bees and wasps are an important part of our ecosystem, but they aren’t the kind of pests you want building nests around your home. Both bees and wasps can deliver painful stings, which can be significantly harmful to anyone who is allergic. If you have noticed these pests buzzing around your yard, it is time to come up with a pest control plan.

All About Bees

Bees are important pollinators. In fact, 90% of wild plants and 75% of crops around the globe rely on bees for pollination. They use their hairy bodies to collect nectar and pollen that they use as food and to create honey. Bees live in hives that are run by a queen and made up of female worker bees and male drones. The worker bees are in charge of collecting food and building the hive, so if you see a bee outside the hive, it is probably a worker. Drones mate with the queen to grow the hive, but once winter comes, they are sent packing. 

As we have learned more about bees and how they support pollination, there have been efforts to protect them and ensure that the bee population stays healthy.  That is one reason why bees require a professional pest removal plan. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that both bees and humans can be safe.

All About Wasps

While bees are foragers, wasps are hunters. They are much more aggressive and much more likely to sting even if you simply enter their territory. Wasps have a more narrow build and come in a variety of colors. They build large nests that hang from trees, bushes, and eaves. Because they have a smooth stinger without any barbs, they can sting repeatedly, which makes them a particularly bad pest.

While homeowners are often looking for DIY solutions, only a professional should approach a bees’ or wasps’ nest. It is the best way to avoid being stung and safely remove these pests. The experts at Capital Pest Services are here to help with all your pest needs. Contact us if you need help with removing bees and wasps and maintaining a safe home. 

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