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Bed Bug Prevention

Raleigh-Durham, NC Quarterly Monitoring Program

Is your home or business infested with bed bugs? At Capital Pest Services, our Raleigh-Durham, NC pest control experts are trained exterminators with several years experience detecting and treating bed bug infestations.

And while there’s no way to 100% prevent infestations, our quarterly monitoring program offers you the highest level of protection available from NC Triangle bed bugs…

Raleigh, NC’s Premier Exterminators Offering Bed Bug Prevention Services

Is your home or business infested with bed bugs? At Capital Pest Services, our Raleigh-Durham, NC pest control experts are trained exterminators with several years of experience detecting and preventing bed bug infestations.

While there is no way to completely prevent bed bug infestations, our pest control company has developed a program that will kill present bed bugs and prevent an infestation for a year. Our pest management experts can protect the following types of residential and commercial properties from bed bug infestations in Raleigh:

  • College dorms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Theaters
  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments
  • Retail dressing rooms
  • Moving vans
  • Donation centers
  • And more!

Offering Yearly Bed Bug Protection To Your Raleigh Residential Or Commercial Property

It’s crucial to locate bed bugs infestations before they get out of control. Unfortunately, there has never been an efficient way to do so – until now. Capital Pest Services now offers customers across the Triangle a one-year bed bug infestation prevention program. The program uses a product that falls under the FIFRA 25b guidelines, meaning it is non-toxic to mammals and of no harm to the environment, but it is lethal to bed bugs.

We also offer a one year warranty for no cost re-application against bed bug infestations, not just bed bug introductions. Bed bug introduction occurs when only a few bed bugs are introduced into a bed bug free room from a single host traveler. Once these few bed bugs crawl across the treated surfaces they will die. Bed bug infestation is when a population of bed bugs have been living and breeding and is present in multiple furniture areas in a room or rooms over a period of time.

Why Capital Pest Services?

If you or a loved one has had problems with bed bugs infesting your residential or commercial property, reach out to Capital Pest Services. Our yearly bed bug prevention program is different from other bed bug control measures in that it:

  • Has no odor or staining properties
  • Is safe for all application on all types of surfaces
  • Kills bed bugs through a mechanical process which bed bugs have no known resistance to

Since our inception in 1981, Capital Pest has been the extermination company of choice for the greater-Raleigh area. While we specialize in providing bed bug control to single-family households, we also offer our services to a wide variety of hospitality venues as well as multi-family apartment, condo and townhome communities in Raleigh and Durham.

Contact our Raleigh-Durham pest control professionals today to find out whether you qualify for our yearly bed bug prevention program! We’re available by phone at (919) 847-8110. You can also fill out the attached contact form to request an appointment online.

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